Friday, 23 July 2010

Can we have a new villain please?

I understand the need to vilify something or someone, especially in the news - quite frankly I am a fan of it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Nick Griffin bitch and moan about being treated differently to everyone else in Britain, and make no mistake, he truly is a villain. However, I am bored of the villains dominating the headlines most recently.

Everyone knows that we all hate the banks right now, but Goldman Sachs really takes the biscuit. According to a recent Daily Mail article, they are accused of doing this quite literally - accused of taking food from the hungry and creating starvation and war, they really aren't faring well in the public eye.

Not that I have any sympathy. The bastard company gets almost £6bn in a pool for bonuses. Each Goldman bank worker will be taking home an average of £356,000 this year despite the company getting charged with a $650m fraud. So I have no sympathy. I especially have no sympathy for BP and their plunging shares and the billions they will have to pay out for the clear up of the 'worst ecological disaster in history'.

But I am bored now people - bring me a new super villain whom I can loath and detest. These ones have played out their purpose in my life and I no longer desire to hear about them.

Nor do I ever wish to hear about the iPhone 4 and its fucking 'death grip'. I like Steve Jobs and Apple, but I hate the iPhone and I'm bored of hearing about it all together. If I have to read another article on it I am going to take my mothers, tie it up in a burlap sack and throw it in the nearest river.

Bring me some new news please. Something interesting. Something I can enjoy. Something I can vilify.

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