Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Flame grilled whoppers for firemen all round!

For those of who don't know, the Wessex Foods factory responsible for the production of all the patties supplied to Burger King for the entire UK, has been destroyed by a large fire.

The fire took more than 100 firefighters 5 hours to rescue the douse the flames. I find this interesting on one level because I can chuckle because a lot of you are now going to be unable to get your Burger King fix for a while although they insist it won't affect production (*bull*).

I am intrigued though - once they had battled the blaze, were the firefighters allowed to take their pick of their favourite flame grilled whoppers?

Oh, and don't worry I can make light of the event because there have been no reported injuries. Yeah, I'm not being a dick and making crappy little jokes about something that's killed someone.

Even I'm not that mean.

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