Friday, 19 March 2010

Spanish Eyes

London holds many things and my humble opinion is that nearly all of them are bad. That is at least my general feelings on the topic and yet I am aware that one day I will most likely end up living there. But I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT!
Don't I?

Apparently not. Each time I get there I ready myself for the flooding hatred I usually feel, but it doesn't come anymore. In fact it replaces itself with something you might even describe as jubilance. The little trip of today left me feeling utterly happy to the core of my being.

Visiting a friend for what was originally set to be a pub lunch and a catch-up we headed over to the Future Gallery instead to see the Café du Pique-Nique. I'm not sure what I was expecting from an indoor picnic. I think I was assuming it'd be crap but it was really nice. Clean, soft, fake grass to sit on, warmed by SAD lamps providing us with sunshine and surrounded by birdsong and fake leaves, vines, trees. As lovely as it was I couldn't help but remember I was inside but everywhere I looked I could see people literally laying on each other just as you would expect to see them doing in the park. The food was great and arrived in a little hamper and everything. Most importantly however, it had a bar. Cider in the fake sun, there isn't much that can make me happier. Actually, scratch that, there is. Cider that has been served to me by the most beautiful woman in the world, with a soft Irish accent. Ace.

Somehow the discussion turned to how I have been mistaken for being Spanish before and it turns out that it is accepted that everybody thinks I look Spanish. Apparently it is a combination of my dark hair, my dark eyes and the shape of my face. I do in fact look Spanish. I had been told that before, but now I have actually been told that by two different Spanish people, so quite simply, it must be true.

The conversation of the day however, was a discussion regarding why people sometimes mistake me as being gay when they meet me. New acquaintance Dan lays back on the grass with his eyes shut and says "I didn't think you were gay, but if you'd have said you were, I wouldn't have been surprised".

Anyway, it was just a really nice day and I'm liking that people can apparently mistake me for being Spanish. Also loving the new look at the BFI, now my official hangout whenever I am in London.

I did not like how 'single' the couples canoodling in the grass made me feel though.


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