Monday, 1 March 2010

ET was a wrinkly litter child molester

I posted yesterday regarding having watched some fantastic films over the last few days, and a comment I made in passing has actually stuck in my mind since then. ET, yes that wrinkled little thing with the glowing fingertips, was a blatant child molester.

This....thing, turns up and starts hiding in piles of childrens toys. Next thing you know he's in the house, playing with the kids. I'm not going to go into the plot of ET here because it's time consuming and you all know it anyway - but this extra terrestrial pedophile wanders round extending his elongated, glowing finger to children and touching them. Why did he take Elliott to the woods with him anyway? Ask yourselves. "Phone home". That bastard pretended not to know any of the English language but when it came to getting rid of his victims, he knew enough didn't he.

So yeah, ET is a kiddy-fiddler.

He can keep his dirty anal probe (or glowing finger) to himself in future.

If I ever have any kids (and reading this you're all willing me not to), I'm never letting them watch ET.

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