Sunday, 21 February 2010

My shiny new tattoo

I got my second tattoo done today as well as getting my first one re-inked where I drunkenly slept on it just after it was done.

The highlight of my day was not the three hour wait, nor was it the oddly pleasant pain, but the conversations I had with my tattooist, the guy in the next room and the assistant. The assistant Wes came in and complimented me on my choice. I said "Thanks, I'm into my Haida". To a blank stare, Andy explained to him that it was the style of the symbol.
"Oh right, I thought you were talking about Maddy" he replied, laughing. Avoiding laughing when someone's drawing on your back with a needle is not any easier when Andy leans round me and goes "no mate, she's fucking dead". There was then a lengthy discussion as to how and why she was killed, what happened to the body and the guilty party.

If this wasn't enough to make my day, the conversation (somehow) moved to how good it was that Kurt Cobain killed himself: "he must have been a good shot to blow his brains out cause he didn't fucking have many. Besides, he's a fucking liar - he said he didn't have a gun". I replied that it was probably Courtney Love anyway and it was then pointed out that she'd have needed to understand what a gun was in order to pick one up.

All in all, it was bloody funny. Also just bloody, my left shoulder bled like a bitch.

But still, it's all nice and new and shiny now. =]

(Here it is...)

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