Saturday, 5 September 2009

The most common thing in Canada?

When you ask someone to tell you what they think Canada is full of it's almost a certainty that they'll come back at you with Mounties, Moose and Maple Syrup.  

But it's not.  It's not even Hockey.  It's tattoos.  

Never in my life have I seen as many tattoos as I did whilst I was there.  In one small town called Banff (the place I want to spend my life - it's the perfect world) there were 3 tattoo parlours in total, the most prominent being Little Shop of Holes [].  Banff actually has a population of around 7000.  That's not that many people, and a lot of tattoos.  
But the people I spotted over there weren't just happy to get small ones, no, no, no, these people were inked to the hilt.  Elongated sleeves being the most prominent on the scene.  And I can promise you that these are nice tattoos too, I mean they're really fucking beautiful, not to mention the people who harbour them.  

I have always liked tattoos but it wasn't until I got to Canada that I realised just how hot they are too.  I mean, is there actually anything better than a tattooed woman?  I'm not talking one who's got some dirty prison tatts though.  But in general, the tattooed people in Canada are the sexxx.  Regardless of gender.  You know that when these people go out to a pub or club, they never have to leave alone.  Beautiful designs on beautiful people.  


As I became aware of them, I began to really take note of the art work etched into peoples skin.  I met one girl in Calgary Zoo who had several tattoos.  But she had one of the most intricate and astoundingly beautiful sleeves I have ever seen.  She also had a bizarre series up the back of both her legs which were interesting in their own right.  Sadly I didn't think to ask to take her picture for the blog, but she did talk to me for a while about the guy who did the artwork - based on seeing his work, I'd advise if you're ever in its vicinity, to hit the Swollen Goat in Red Deer.  You can check out their Facebook page here if you like

If you check out photo 124 on the images, that is the young lady I met, the sleeve mesmerises me and I can't explain why.  

So ultimately if I wasn't quite a fan of them before, I am now a reformed lover of all things ink.  Now to plan my own.....


  1. Congrats on your newfound love of tattoos. If you are interested, the International London Tattoo convention is upon us. 25-27 of September. I've been before and it's a great day out to see so many different types of tattoos and talk to artists, while also watching a bit being done.

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