Sunday, 9 August 2009

Strange people

Round where I live there are lots of people.  
You might think that everybody is a little strange in their own ways, but there's a club here called the Ag and it's where everybody who is slightly different comes to rock out and drink snakebite.  

I was sat on the wall outside as I waited for my friends to arrive to see Skindred (if you haven't heard them, check them out).  The venue is right on a main road and every single car that drives past makes a point of slowing down and staring out the windows at us, like we're some sort of freak show.  

That said, there are some strange people inside.  At the end of the night, about 2am, I was stood gazing into space and pondering something that I'm sure stemmed from 'should I get another shot?' when I saw a hand come waving across my vision.  
I looked down to see a short young lady covered in those little glowing tubes that you bend and connect.  Glow sticks if you will.  

Anyway, she holds a big yellow one out to me nodding and smiling.  I accepted, pleased to acquire a new toy.  She put it round my wrist and I was half expecting some conversation - instead she turned to her friend, grabbed her pint of snakebite, threw it back in her own face and then stalked away to the dance floor.  I looked over at her friend who just said "don't worry, she does stuff like that all the time".  

I love strange people.  

I think they see me as one of their own.    

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