Friday, 21 August 2009

Jumping off a bridge is not a natural action for a body

I discovered yesterday that despite mental preperation, jumping off a 150 ft bridge is just not a natural action for your body to perform.  

I got to the edge of the plank and paranoia sets in.  You can barely move your feet and you have to shuffle right the edge.  All I was thinking was 'this rope is quite heavy.  I can feel it tugging my ankles, if I get too close I might might drag me over!''s a bungee jump, I PAID to fall.  

I looked over the edge and my knees shook a bit.  I was supposed to be jumping with my cohort Nicola but sadly she did the sensible thing and declined upon seeing it.  I looked down at the water and I thought I could do it, I thought it would all be ok, I was ready, I said I was ready for the jump, they did my count down.  

Then a strange thing happened, my mind said 'jump' and my body said 'NOOO FUCKING WAY', the result of which was me flailing on the edge of a plank where my knees bent ready for the jump but didn't tip me forward and my arms only got halfway above my head before stumbling backwards.  Not cool.  Anyway, the bungee guy said to stare at the top of the trees and lean forward on the count of 3, so I complied and miraculously, I actually jumped.  I didn't bottle it as I'm sure most of you thought I would!

The strange thing is that the second I was off the bridge there was no fear, it was just freeedom as I fell.  It was fucking brilliant!!!

Ultimately it's only scaring when you're on a big fucking bridge looking down.  The moment you jump, time stands still.  

And for those of you who doubt me, wait for the bungee issue of Free Hug or check the vid on FB (  

Love and hugs from Canada peeps 

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  1. How proud was I to see you throw yourself off a that wrong of me?