Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Time to Vote

Back in December I found myself standing in Guildford's Boileroom with a pint of snakebite in my hand (in my eyes the only way you can ever truly enjoy a gig). I had no real idea what I was in for, having no idea who Midgar were, all I knew was that Collapse the Control were playing, and it was the first chance I'd had to see a friends band in action.

As I patiently waited for their set, the guy sat next to me* turned and asked if I'd ever seen them before. Having not seen them before I asked what they were like. A smile crept across his face as he considered his answer. "You know how some people just don't have stage presence...well these guys, they DO".

I instinctively started towards the front of the crowd as they looked set to take the stage but stopped on seeing no-one else move. The consensus; front of the stage is like the splash zone at SeaWorld, except instead of risking a wet shirt you're risking a busted nose. Usually this wouldn't bother me in the slightest (Billy Talent left me concussed and happy as a pig in shit), but I'd just had a five hour tattoo finished on my left leg and I was in no mood to have it kicked/bumped/touched in any way, so I hung back.

I can safely tell you now that I was not disappointed with the show. They triggered a reaction from that small crowd that I haven't seen some of the more 'experienced' bands produce. If I'd have had a camera I would show you the pit they started, I've seen less committed rockers at a Skindred gig - which is a pity because Skindred have produced a few of the best gigs I've ever been to. You could see people thinking it was funny to jump in, as if it were a joke to those hardcore fuckers in the middle. Then you'd see the mild terror in their eyes as they realise that if they stay in there much longer, they'll be leaving with a black eye. Luckily for them there were plenty of escape routes since most of the action was at the front.

Which brings me to the point of all this, Collapse the Control are currently in the running to get a place in Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2011 and they need your votes. So check 'em out here, they're worth a listen.

And even if you don't like the whole screaming, rock thing, why not vote anyway, as a favour to me? Cause I for one would like to see them up there.

Also, you can come see them for yourself at the Boileroom again on Friday 28th Jan. I'll be there, you should be too.

*I don't want to mislead you, he too is a friend of the band

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