Sunday, 4 April 2010

Reading MAG staged a bike show today at Reading Abbey Rugby Club, two days after their Easter Egg run in which bikers with the Thames Valley Vultures rode to benefit local hospices.

The show saw avid bikers arriving from all across the county to display their bikes, trikes, and 'other'. The car park of the club was quickly filled with a range of bikes, glittering lines where spotless Harley Davidson's lined up next to mud splattered Yamaha's while a range of old Triumph's stood aside holding dominion over all other bikes. Sadly the lines were invaded by a series of grotesque Kawasaki's to which a stranger loudly stated "I hate these. They're fucking ugly."

With the exception of a series of classic, pristine Harley's the real pride of the show were the bikes entered into the competition. Ranging from an incredible Harley with a skeleton riding bitch with some ape hangers I doubt I could even reach, to some gaudy neon-orange rape victim of a bike. So gaudy I even refused to take a picture of it. The two custom trikes with no owners in site grabbed my attention quickly with cobra gears and unique seat stitching.

But really the bike of the day was a custom Harley with an orange and check finish.

Raced in Hell was ingrained into the paintwork and for my money there wasn't a more respectable or beautiful custom in the bunch although I can't the deny the bumpy frame of the tiny yellow Yamaha Fizzy did catch my eye.

But sadly not a suicide shift in sight.

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