Friday, 20 November 2009

Like a mad scientist on a sugar high

Having had a seriously long day yesterday (I arrived at uni at 7:10 am - left at about 9:40 pm), upon my arrival home, I had a bath and fell straight asleep. I got 6 hours sleep which is more than I've had for a good couple of weeks.

However, as a result of my going directly from bath to bed, aside from waking up with a damp pillow and a cold head, my hair now resembles a mad scientist who's had far too much sugar. Combine that with the wind factor provided by the platform at Farnborough and I now resemble a black haired version of the Wheetos man who (might still) be on the front of the cereal boxes.

Despite my hair malfunction and the annoying commuter who tutted me this morning (not to mention the train load I upset last night on my way home), my day has been saved from being shit by one of those little innocent moments that just makes you smile. As I wandered to uni getting increasingly disgruntled, I noticed a child over the other side of the road with one of the umbrellas with the eyes on it. Aside from the fact that I want one with cats ears - I noticed his dad who was about 6'5 and built like a brick shit house - had one too - a really girly one. He was making the face on the umbrella dance above his head to amuse his kid.

It made me think of Life is Beautiful. But without the Nazi concentration camps.

It also made me accutely aware that I want one of those umbrellas.....

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