Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Surbiton to Sandhurst

In order to get home, I take a simple train that runs between Surbiton and Farnborough - before the changes and copious walking commences.  Today was no exception.  I sat down on the train and minded my own business, I sat with the latest i-D on my lap and I continued to read it from where I had left off - an article on Tyen, a make-up artist for Dior and continued through, ending on the Gucci article.  

The guy opposite me on the right hand side of the train had been staring at me and I figured he was just having a look at what I was reading cause he was bored.  Lets face it, when we have no paper and someone else does, we do try and look at theirs.  So I ignored it.  

He got off one station ahead of me and as he stood up, he looked me in the eyes, shook his head in disgust, said "faggot", sighed heavily and got off the train.  Now I couldn't help but laugh! 
I'm not gay and nor do I have a problem with people who are, I just thought this was such a strange thing to say to someone.  I can only assume it was because of the mag I was reading, although I don't have to read anything for my Great Aunt to accuse me of being a "shirt lifter" as she calls it.  

It wasn't that he took a pop at me that got me, it was the way he did it.  There was no menace or threat to his voice.  No anger.  No real hate even.  Just the sound of bitter disappointment - it was the tone reserved by your parents when you've just failed an exam - the 'we're so disappointed in you' attack that hurts like Hell.  But here was this strange guy acting like I was a lost soul and I had completely destroyed his faith in humanity.  

I really hope I did.  
I hope he saw me trying not to piss myself laughing as the train pulled away too.  

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  1. o my god, i can't believe people still do that. tacky. :P