Thursday, 22 October 2009

Nick Griffin

Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I just finished watching the vile excuse for a human being that is Nick Griffin on Question Time. On the one hand I can't believe the BBC acknowledged his vicious little party (although I am also well aware that they will have had no choice) but on the other I am so glad that they did because from what I just saw, I believe that people can really see who, or rather what he is.

His views are not worth a damn in this age and nor should they be. I have friends who aren't of British origin and I have gay and lesbian friends and each and every one of the people he opposes are worth a billion times more than he could ever be. For me it's like watching a nature show - when I watch I always route for the zebra to get away, but this time, I'm watching and I'm willing something to come along and lunch on him. Just think how many lions his face alone could feed.

He's like a wasp (and I don't mean that in the White-Aglow-Saxon-Protestant way), he serves no purpose to humanity and should be swatted before he has the opportunity to sting.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him get gradually more and more irate on there, I loved seeing his hands shaking and him clapping like a wind up toy whenever someone humiliated him. It was fun. But I have a question - who the fuck would ever marry that thing? Not simply because he's a racist, bigoted, vile, slimy, disgusting excuse for a human being; but because he's one ugly son of a bitch. What's going on with his eye for one thing? Frankie Boyle is entirely right:

"he looks like a plucked owl on the fast track to management at Greggs"

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  1. I've heard that Griffin has a glass eye which is probably why he looks like such a prick all the time.