Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mental Tourettes

Anybody else have mental tourretes?

I do.  Well at least my mother and some friends are convinced that I do.  

Does anybody else just see something in front of them and know, really know that you shouldn't do it no matter what?  See people with tourettes get that but they can't stop themselves from then doing what it is they think.  I just about manage to hold it in, but some of my thoughts get a little bit mean.  

Last time I was in London with my friends we walked across a bridge and in my naivety of thinking it was normal to have these thoughts, I asked them if they ever got the urge to just pick a random person on the other side of the bridge and push them in.  They refused to walk near me til we were on the other side.

Other (restrained) outbursts include fighting the urge to:

-make loud and inappropriate noises in a full cinema 
-slap random strangers
-steal peoples drinks and / or chairs
-verbally abuse the people on the other end of intercoms

I personally get a lot more of this than is apparently normal.  I'm also needlessly mean about people I don't know.  The first thing I do upon sight is to judge someone and then form their entire life in my own head around that.  

So quite frankly, I'm a bit of a cunt.  

Anybody else have internal tourettes or is it just me?  
I can't be the only person that sees something, thinks the wrong thing, doesn't act on it, but then sits laughing to themselves looking like a mad man.  
Can I?


  1. you know, i'm afraid of walking close to the sides of bridges or train platforms b/c I'm terrified of someone thinking thoughts along the lines of yours ( you know, just pushing someone over). and i'm a lil relieved to know that at least my fears aren't completely insane....

  2. Dude I totally know what you mean, I have these random antisocial urges (eg throw a drink into someone's face that I just met, call him a douche, etc). Sometimes I'm afraid at high places I'll lose control and jump off. Anything that is taboo my mind takes and makes it as its priority.